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On getting injured filming the action scenes:
Yeah it really hurt lifting my arm!
Romijn-Stamos: And I got blue crack. It didn’t hurt, but it does require an explanation!
Hu: I was injured every day. Just putting on the harness to fly around for the fight scene gives you bruises. So I was constantly injured, hitting myself against walls, breaking fingernails.
Marsden: I lost an arm. It was amazing how they fixed that! But it was worse on the first film -- I know Hugh crushed one of his testicles.
Janssen: I had to do a lot more green screen work this time -- just me and the screen all alone...
Romijn-Stamos: Looking at the cinematographer’s crotch! But I found that it wasn’t as much as I expected. The sets were actually there, like the X-jet. They were really moving it around.

On hanging out off-set:
We had a large cast and you could either sit alone in your hotel room or go out and make friends. Ian made the difference throwing dinner parties. And the friendships helped pull us through the long days and the long shooting schedule.
Hu: There was no divide between the veterans and the newcomers. The older actors are great. Brian likes to dance -- we danced a lot. Actually, it’s a very musical cast. Everyone can sing.
Cumming: You don’t expect to be able to hang out with old British luvvies in a big action film. It was lovely.
Cox: We all hung out together. Everyone -- it was a good feeling.
Romijn-Stamos: And Ian and Alan went to nude beaches together!
Cumming: Yes it’s true, Ian and I went to a nude beach in Vancouver. I went along with my dog and it was really nice.
Paquin: It was nice to work with people my age on this one. In the first film I was 15 years younger than everyone else.

singer directs mckellen and stanford On X3 and beyond:
No one knows anything about the third movie or if there’ll be one.
Romijn-Stamos: Well, I’m signed on for a third. So is James and most of the newcomers.
Janssen: Oh really? Well, I guess they could go on forever -- there are so many generations of X-men.
Marsden: There’s so much back-story to each character, each one could have their own movie.
Paquin: Rogue lightens up a bit in this one. She can’t continue to be afraid now that she’s found her ‘family’. She opens up and experiences things other teens experience, like romance. In the comics, Rogue steals another characters’ super strength and the ability to fly, so that would be fun in a future film!

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Note: A shorter version of this article, taken from the same interview, was published in QX Magazine, 3 March 2003.