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Nudity, Near Blindness and Civil Rights
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On which mutant they'd like to be?
The best one is the kid who can change channels with his eyes.
Kelly Hu (Deathstrike): I think Mystique -- to have her powers would be really cool. To pretend to be anyone, to be the President. Or maybe not in this day.
Janssen: I’d like to be Deathstrike, so I could open cans with my fingers.
Marsden: I think Jean Grey has the coolest powers -- she can read everyone else’s mind and move things with her mind. As long as you could switch it off. Could you switch it off?
Janssen: Well in this film I had trouble switching it on!
marsden and paquin at the premiere Romijn-Stamos: Everyone has issues with their powers in this film! Jean Grey is having a bad day.
Janssen: She’s going through puberty.
Marsden: She’s got PMMS -- premenstrual mutant syndrome!

On the makeup:
It was about as comfortable as not wearing clothes! It wasn’t really paint, but a combination of makeup and a series of prosthetic silicone pieces. It took six hours to put on, which is better than the nine hours it took for the first film! I had a 2am call time, then the rest of the cast strolled in at 8 or 9 with their coffee and breakfast.
Cumming: It was really uncomfortable and gruelling. Four hours of makeup every morning for months. My skin was a state! And wearing contact lenses is hard because you can’t see. But I trained with Cirque du Soleil on getting the movements to correspond with the way he looks. And I really enjoyed that.
Jackman: I had a nude scene this time. In the script it was about an eighth of a page but it took a whole day to shoot. I came out in a G-string and flip-flops and they were promising lots of back lighting -- where’s the CGI budget when you really need it? Then at the end of the shot they got 30 women to stand off stage and wave at me with five-dollar bills. mr and mrs jackman at the premiere

On the eyewear:
They designed a much better visor for this film -- without those Princess Leia earmuffs. And it stayed on when I turned my head this time. But it cut out about 30 percent of my vision. And I had to overact to compensate for the fact that the audience and the other actors couldn’t see my eyes.
Romijn-Stamos: Yeah, it was the same for me. Like having botox without being injected. I couldn’t move my face at all.
Hu: I wore contact lenses so I was completely blind.
Romijn-Stamos: It’s a rite of passage for new X-men. Halle and I had to wear them in the first film, but this time we didn’t. more...

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