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AKA: Society and Sexuality
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aka ...back QX: What do you think it will take for the gay community to be taken more seriously in cinema?
We have to empower ourselves to deal with these issues and just get on with it ourselves. But itís not like we need to find evidence of ourselves in media, because weíre there. Weíve got Sex and the City, which is about four gay men running around New York. Weíve got Six Feet Under and perfectly reasonable relationships acted out on TV. Weíve got Dawsonís Creek and that really cute guy storming his way around the frat house fucking everything he can. Weíre there! If youíre a young gay man now youíve got evidence that you exist. You might not even want to go to a gay bar, because you might be getting what you need from your straight mates. And thatís how it should be. I mean, when I was young I had to leave my hometown to be who I was. And I think thatís beginning to change. You donít have to define yourself as gay anymore. You can be the guy who maybe messes around with boys more than girls. Do you see what Iím saying? Itís not about drag or butch or whatever any more. Itís more about straight boys who want to find themselves or bi boys who want to just do what they need to do. And weíve got to be more receptive. And thatís through our films as well. Weíre going, ďOh he slept with a man once so he must be gay! Heís one of us.Ē What queeny shit! We canít claim him. Weíve got to learn that when someone says heís straight and he sleeps with guys, heís straight and he sleeps with guys. Thatís the deal. Thatís the kind of area I want to look at now. We canít be so fucking eager to judge. I think sometimes we keep people imprisoned. Iím really exploring my latent heterosexuality at the moment. And I need to. Iím a fairly good-looking 36-year-old guy whoís interested in women at the moment. I get something from women which I donít get from a man. And equally I get things from men that I canít get from women. You know thereís nothing nicer than being with a man and holding onto his balls and kissing the back of his neck, feeling his stubble on your matthew leitch lips. And equally thereís nothing more beautiful than holding a woman and touching her breasts. Iím investigating lots of things. And as I said that will start finding its way into my movies.

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